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Oppose All States

We should support NO STATES. Not that one, and not this one. Let us engage one another directly as human beings, equal creations, unique, gifted of inherent rights, and entitled to human dignity. Let us speak no more of states, for they are invariably, as Murray Rothbard so wisely called them,’a gang of thieves writ large’.


How High Can Oil Go, or Are We Prophets?

From a 2005 Mises blog discussion about the real economics of corn ethanol as a motor fuel;

“…The fact remains that the energy input deficit alone is enough to kill ethanol until gasoline reaches $8 – $9 per gallon, without subsidies. Until this occurs, it will not be economic to replace gasoline with ethanol on a national scale.”

Today, from an article on the Bush Administration’s imputed plans to “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”;

“Sinking or crippling a couple of the 50 supertankers as they pass each other every day in the strait (of Hormuz) would not be much of a challenge for Iranian gunners…ship-owners the world over would ban any attempt to navigate around the shipwrecks. A barrel of oil would quickly jump to $500 and gas would reach $12 a gallon…

Dwayne Andreas, please call your office.

(links courtesy of the Mises and Lew blogs)