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Liberty’s Best Week Ever!

NO, I am not talking about the impending undemocratic, non-election about to be perpetrated on us a couple of days hence between Wall Street Candidate A and Wall Street candidate A’ This one has been decided already – ordinary Americans have lost, and the banksters have won.

I am, rather, calling attention to the surprising upside to the continuing global financial collapse. The completely deserted checkout lanes today at my local wholesale club underscored the rapid retreat of consumer spending that’s occurring now. What is occurring now in the public intellectual mind is both thoroughly awful, and blindingly brilliant.

Awful, due to the present and future suffering of millions, nay, billions of people around the world, but brilliant, because the fact is that the economic predictive power of Austrian-School economics has been thoroughly vindicated, no matter what stupid, nonsensical things the Keynesians and Friedmanites say. We were right, we told them all what was coming, and they failed to listen. More Important, we have the correct answers.

And, better late than never, even some mainstream journalists, conservative Republicans, and left progressives are trying to re-orient their thinking in the midst of an unprecedented global financial calamity, where suddenly “Liberal” nor “Conservative” (as we have been brainwashed to call Socialist and Fascist policy ‘solutions’) ideas seem to have no discernible relevance at all.

This week two astounding interviews took place, between serious people of the left, and two of the current stars of the Austro-Libertarian movement.

On Thursday, the charming, brainy lefty journalist Rachel Maddow of MSNBC interviewed Ron Paul, focusing on his eerie (not to us of course) prescience on the economic meltdown, and on the significance of his recent campaign, and what it portends for the future of Republican Party as well as the electoral system.

On Friday, Lew Rockwell, founder and president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute interviewed Naomi Wolf on his podcast. This is a MUST LISTEN interview with the principled, thoughtful left-wing journalist. Ms Wolf, author of several books, including “The Beauty Myth”, and more notably “The End of America”, was last heard of in libertarian circles promoting, along with Ron Paul the American Freedom Agenda, calling for an end to America’s belligerent foreign policy and its depredations on domestic liberty.

Listen to her questioning Lew about definitions of libertarianism, and her response to his answers – I half held my breath throughout the unedited 50-minute conversation, waiting perhaps to hear Lew say something to make Ms Wolf ‘fall out of the ether’ as they say in the car business.

He doesn’t, and she didn’t. It is an extended dialog on the principled embrace of universal liberty, in honest, non-agendized terms that will speak to the heart of every thinking, compassionate person on the left, right, or middle. This shows how there is not, and never has been, such a thing as Democrat liberty, or Republican liberty, only Liberty For All.

Do yourself and your loved ones (particularly intelligent, leftish and rightish ones) a favor and get them to listen to this podcast to give them an understanding why you are a principled, onsistent advocate of liberty.

Then go to , and get involved.

UPDATE: If you are still, for some unfathomable reason a McCain supporter, PLEASE watch this video of Dr. Paul taking apart McCain’s dumbass foreign policy prescriptions in the St. Petersburg debate;


Is Ron Paul Going Third-Party?

Ron Paul Holds Up The Two Fingers I'm Keeping Crossed

I'm Keeping Mine Crossed

On the Campaign For Liberty website, a tantalizing blog entry giving hope that, despite my previous post, it may NOT be quite over, after all;

Ron Paul to Make Major Announcement Next Week


Dr. Paul just authorized me to send this press release to the national wire. Stay tuned!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      CONTACT: Jesse Benton
September 5, 2008

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – On the heels of his historic three-day rally in Minneapolis that drew over 12,000 attendees, Congressman Ron Paul will make a major announcement next week in Washington at the National Press Club.

More details will be announced Monday.

Also, Eric Garris reports on the Lew Rockwell Blog that the Montana Constitution Party has removed Chuck Baldwin’s name from the state presidential ballot, and replaced it with Ron Paul and Michael Peroutka.

The next 60 days could be very, VERY interesting.


The Mad Genius Of McCain’s Palin Pick

The Future President Palin?

The Future President Palin?

I watched her speech on youtube last night, it was perfect, as in she hit
all the ‘right’ notes for the base. Her fresh, glamorous (in a midwest /
rural west kind of way) MILF-y appearance, her ordinary, all-American
background, her status as the ultimate Washington outsider (geographically,
politically, culturally,) and the fact that she’s a woman will draw a lot of
votes from soft Republican centrists, of which there are many, maybe enough
to win.

Put yourself in the shoes of the average suburban Republican. No idealogue,
he or she increasingly faces assaults on every tenet of civilization they
hold dear, marriage, family, business, the country itself, economics, and so

They see inflation, terrorism, terrible wars, and societal decline, and seek
explanations that comport with their backgrounds, upbringings, and
prejudices, just as Democrats do (though they seem to do slightly less
research and reading beyond the popular press on the matter.)

When a politician comes along and purports to explain it all to them, in a
manner consistent with their beliefs, they will vote for them, never mind
that their beliefs are factually challenged, their upbringings are
blinkered, their prejudices wrong, and their politicians pandering and
dishonest climbers.

They reject out of hand the solutions being sold by the other party,
because, well, it’s the other party, the ones who caused all this stuff in
the first place, right?.

And they recoil in horror from people with different, but empirical
observations that challenge, rather than pander to their beliefs, that
wacky, crazy, sound-money, non-interventionist Ron Paul, to name one.

I think the Huffingtons and Sullivans of the world are dead, dead wrong
when they assert that this was a mistake for McCain. Indeed, if you think
about it, it was the best possible pick for the warmongering cadaver. Having
on his ticket a 44-year old working suburban wife and mother with a son
going to Iraq is going to blunt a lot of criticism. It will completely
neuter any possible substantive advantage Obama has or had on the war issue
among the soft Republican center.

I think picking her is a slam dunk right in Obama’s face, strategy-wise.

None of the above should be construed as an endorsement of McCain – Palin,
quite to the contrary.

(photo scarfed from US magazine)


Obama Is No Better Than The Rest Of Them

We Should Have Known, Really

We Should Have Known, Really

The US Senate just passed the immoral, illegal, unconstitutional FISA “Amendment” bill, which, if you haven’t been following along, includes retroactive immunity from civil prosecution for telecommunications companies that knowingly broke the law, allowing members of the Bush gang to basically route all communications through their systems directly to the NSA without warrant or legal sanction of any kind, an utter violation of the 4th Amendment as well as more than two centuries of settled law.

Throughout the process of the passage of this evil piece of filth through the Congressional colon, Democratic presidential candidate Barack H. Obama claimed he would filibuster the bill rather than accede to its passage, a feather in his cap, to our minds. But yesterday, as had been telegraphed for days prior, he turned around and voted for the immoral, lawless bill.

While not exactly Obama supporters, we had been holding out a slim reed of hope that maybe, just maybe, the charming Illinois politician would be marginally less bad than the evil, clueless John McCain. After all, he has been less strident than McCain on Iraq, and made approving noises about the recent bare 5-4 Supreme Court decision preserving a scrap of constitutional protection of habeus corpus. Even if the passage of the bill was “predetermined” as Russ Feingold said, he could have stood on the Senate floor and made a speech decrying the bill, even if he still felt like he had to vote for it. For an example, see Ron Paul’s record statement on the House bill.

But he didn’t. Obama is turning out to be a typical, immoral, evil liar

(Rollins Band video of “Liar” from YouTube, Venture Brothers video from Cartoon Network, Obama photo from some dumbass Republican’s blog)


Dead Men Tell No Tales

The headline in the Boston Globe:

Bin Laden will be killed, McCain promises

Yup, just like every other covert operative is once the US government no longer has any use for him. Saddam Hussein, please call your office. Oh, that’s right, you’re dead.


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