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The Real Way To Stop Anthropogenic Global Warming

Ah, Close, But Not Exactly

Ah, Close, But Not Exactly

We have been listening for years now the the claims that science has ‘proved’ that man’s activities on the planet are causing a malignant accelerating warming of the atmosphere, which portends disaster and possibly the end of life on earth. Having some background in the sciences, we are nonetheless loath to point out that while the evidence for some warming is pretty convincing, and the fact that man contributes some measurable CO2 to the atmosphere is plausible, the mechanism is far from proved.

Moreover, the proposals (cap and trade, 2, carbon tax, technology subsidies) that have been seriously floated to try to slow or halt “Global Climate Change” (renamed that because the warming isn’t happening everywhere, and in some places cooling is being recorded) require an even heavier hand of government, have unknown efficacy, are vulnerable to cheating, and will have detrimental effects here and especially in developing countries. These proposals will disrupt the fundamental social and economic patterns of our civilization, and cost trillions of dollars, potentially for little to negative effect on the buildup of greenhouse gases.

So what do we do then? We have come up with a plan that;

1) Will measurably reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the US

2) Is guaranteed to work, if conscientiously and carefully implemented

3) While not costless, will require no forced transfer of funds from taxpayers to polluters

4) Will actually free up trillions of dollars for productive investment

5) Will massively incentivize innovators in clean energy-production technologies.

Our plan to reduce greenhouse gases, and clean up the environment?

The SSS Plan.

What does that stand for?

Stop Subsidizing Sh*t.

Stop subsidizing ethanol.

Stop subsidizing coal (by “permitting” pollution and destroying property rights in our lands and bodies).

Stop subsidizing oil (see coal above, also military intervention in the middle east, South America, and coming soon, Russia)

Stop subsidizing nuclear (state PUCs, the NRC, the DOE, and Price-Anderson have fundamentally retarded this very important energy source).

Stop subsidizing hybrid and electric vehicle development (it rewards the biggest culprits (GM, etc) while disadvantaging innovators).

Stop subsidizing highways (causing massive pollution, energy wastage, corruption, and economic malinvestment / dislocation)

Stop subsidizing airports and airlines (airports and skies jammed with planes jammed with people, absolute violations of 2nd, 4th, 7th , 9th, 10th, and 14th amendments).

And while we are at it, stop subsidizing solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, waste-to-energy, all of it.

When you get right down to it, pollution is a property-rights problem, but more importantly, it is an ECONOMIC problem, and a GOVERNMENT problem. Government disadvantages sustainable methods when it subsidizes unsustainable methods. Moreover, government investment in new technologies, meant to correct the previous mistake, serve to misdirect investment down particular avenues favored by particular interests, the very opposite of allowing the market, correctly incentivized, to determine the pace and direction of innovation.

It is said that if government could have seen the automobile coming, it would have outlawed it. It is, by its policies, outlawing sustainable energy policy economically. Before our leaders commit us to a path of dubious efficacy and certain harm, let us insist that they go through the books and strike every law, order, and policy that has the net effect of destroying property rights against polluters.

In just the coal-fired power generation sector alone, the costs of pollution, if fairly assessed, would make the industry as currently constituted extinct almost overnight. The resulting increase in the cost of electricity would both force conservation and incentivize innovation and production. all without a single cent of tax or seziure of property.


(Image from Paul Goscicki’s blog)


The New Criteria

Just Googled:

Number of hits for “sarah palin” + style: 19,500,000

Number of hits for “sarah palin” + constitution: 229,000


Circus Devils – The Other Band From Akron

Actually only half two thirds -Todd Tobias (and brother Tim, back in Bob’s good graces apparently after a falling out between the GBV leader and the former bassman) is from Devo’s hometown of Akron, OH, Bob Pollard is from Dayton as anyone can tell you.

The sixth album under the Circus Devils moniker,”Ataxia” by Bob and Todd (and Tim) continues the experimental theme of the project, this time with Todd enlisting a few friends to make videos for several of the songs. “Give Me Extra” and “Eye Razors” manage to channel the spastic soul of early MTV-era Devo videos in a totally original way;

Also, Bob is sponsoring a contest for the best fan video for “Winston’s Atomic Bird” from his new project Boston Spaceships – “Brown Submarine”, here are two cool entries;

And of course, having sworn off touring several times already since the breakup of Guided By Voices, he will be touring to promote the new material (YAY!)


A Riddle

Q: How are the fed chairman and a hack plastic surgeon similar?

A: Their “injections” can cause gross distortions.


Could Toxic Chemical Found By Mars Lander Be NASA Contamination?

Might As Well...

Might As Well...


Scientists puzzling over chemical found in Martian soil

* Story Highlights
* Lander finds perchlorate, an oxidant widely used in solid rocket fuel, in Mars’ soil
* Researchers checking whether chemical was carried to Mars from Earth
* Finding does not resolve question of whether life exists on Mars’ surface
* More data collection, analysis and review is needed, scientist says

(CNN) — Scientists working with NASA’s Phoenix Lander are reasonably sure they have detected a toxic chemical in the soil near the north pole of Mars.

But they say hearty strains of microbes might be able to live there anyway — and even thrive on it.

“This is an important piece of the puzzle as we attempt to determine whether habitable conditions exist for microbes on Mars,” said Phoenix principal investigator Peter Smith, of the University of Arizona. “In itself, it is neither good nor bad for life.”
The chemical, perchlorate, is an oxidant widely used in solid rocket fuel, but can also be naturally occuring on Earth. It is found in soil of Chile’s barren Atacama desert — generally believed to be one of the most lifeless places on Earth — but scientists have been able to isolate strains of bacteria living in that soil.

This story just goes to show that what these morons are doing isn’t science – it’s simply greed.

(photo from CompFused Blog)


Steps Toward A Voluntary Society

Fascinating, absolutely fascinating video by voluntarist Sam Dodson, who has the temerity to ask a judge a valid, legal question;

Try to restrain any impulse to think “this guy’s just dicking the court around”, and watch him ask fundamental questions about the charge against him, and the court’s proper role, and watch the officers of the court squirm under his polite, civil questioning.

We need many more like him;

For more entertaining legal viewing, watch Regent University Law professor James Duane demonstrate why you should never, ever talk to the police;

(Link to first video from Lew Rockwell’s blog; link to second video from skip at postal blowfish)


Obama Is No Better Than The Rest Of Them

We Should Have Known, Really

We Should Have Known, Really

The US Senate just passed the immoral, illegal, unconstitutional FISA “Amendment” bill, which, if you haven’t been following along, includes retroactive immunity from civil prosecution for telecommunications companies that knowingly broke the law, allowing members of the Bush gang to basically route all communications through their systems directly to the NSA without warrant or legal sanction of any kind, an utter violation of the 4th Amendment as well as more than two centuries of settled law.

Throughout the process of the passage of this evil piece of filth through the Congressional colon, Democratic presidential candidate Barack H. Obama claimed he would filibuster the bill rather than accede to its passage, a feather in his cap, to our minds. But yesterday, as had been telegraphed for days prior, he turned around and voted for the immoral, lawless bill.

While not exactly Obama supporters, we had been holding out a slim reed of hope that maybe, just maybe, the charming Illinois politician would be marginally less bad than the evil, clueless John McCain. After all, he has been less strident than McCain on Iraq, and made approving noises about the recent bare 5-4 Supreme Court decision preserving a scrap of constitutional protection of habeus corpus. Even if the passage of the bill was “predetermined” as Russ Feingold said, he could have stood on the Senate floor and made a speech decrying the bill, even if he still felt like he had to vote for it. For an example, see Ron Paul’s record statement on the House bill.

But he didn’t. Obama is turning out to be a typical, immoral, evil liar

(Rollins Band video of “Liar” from YouTube, Venture Brothers video from Cartoon Network, Obama photo from some dumbass Republican’s blog)

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