Of Endings, And Beginnings

Keep Your Spirit Alive, Son

Keep Your Spirit Alive, Son

As I watched Ron Paul address the 10,000 assembled for the “Rally For The Republic” at the Target center in St. Paul tonight, I realized that it was really, finally, the end – the end of his magnificent 2008 presidential campaign, the end of any hope of restoring our liberties in this election cycle, maybe (hopefully not) ever.

I reflected on the fact that, even though absolutely no response was forthcoming to the widespread opposition to the Iraq War, there seems, in the near-absence of it as a campaign issue, a tacit admission that neither the Democrats or Republicans has any answers, in part due to Ron Paul’s complete exposure of the immorality of their positions. I don’t know what to make of it.

Shuffling around the kitchen afterward, I ran across my small son’s backpack and lunch bag, readied for his first day of (government) school tomorrow, and I felt a profound sadness, I’m not quite sure why.

I wrote a song (I can’t write music, so I guess it’s just a poem for now, the chorus goes;)

Don’t say we let the world go by

That all we did was nothing

I will fight for you and I

Will keep the fires burning


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