Yo, Easy On the “C” word, Will Ya?

I’ve been trying now to get an Obama supporter, including those who call me on the phone, to tell me what “change(s)” in particular Obama supports. Once you get past his super-stardom and actually listen to what he is saying, it seems, not surprisingly, that he advocates more of the same. His anointment of Joe Biden as his running mate drives home that point as noted in Salon.

This single paragraph says it more succinctly than any other I have read.

Ever since it became clear that Obama would be the likely nominee, the political establishment has been demanding of him more and more proof that his “change” rhetoric is just that — rhetoric, and not anything meant as a genuine threat to the prevailing order of things. Obama, arguably out of political necessity, has repeatedly obliged, eagerly trying to offer proof that he is no threat to them, and the Biden selection is but the latest step in that campaign of reassurance. In sum, Biden is a reliable supporter of virtually every prevailing bit of conventional wisdom within the American elite political consensus, which is why his selection has been widely praised by the establishment, whose principal concern is that their fiefdom not be disrupted and that their consensus not be challenged.


1 Response to “Yo, Easy On the “C” word, Will Ya?”

  1. August 26, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    When I heard that Bayh was out, I just KNEW it would be Biden – that hair-plugged, face-lifted gladhander isn’t just the worst Democrat, he’s the Democrat embodiment of Bush – a warmongering state-worshipper who denies a grounding of justice in natural law. As it turns out, my late uncle played in a rough touch football league years ago, he said he might not have known Biden before, but Biden sure knew who he was after.

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