NYC Subways- Uneconomic, Thieving, Corrupt, Welfare Program For The Rich

Coming To A Subway Platform Near You?

Coming To A Subway Platform Near You?

The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority is broke, so it is resorting to selling naming rights to facilities such as subway stations. They are also exploring additional ways of collecting advertising revenue, such as letting ad companies install serial ads in tunnels that when sped past in a subway car appear to be moving. The MTA is already operating so uneconomically that they are removing seats from subway cars so they can squash more commuters in during rush hours (HINT: RAISE THE FARES).

This is an agency that is undertaking an unprecedented expansion program , here also (funded mostly by New York State and – especially federal – taxpayers who will never benefit – approximately $5 billion in Federal money committed so far).

We will detail in a later post why we think such stupendous sums of pelf are being squandered on behalf of the people who live and work in the smallest county in the US, let’s just point out that the former head of the MTA, Peter Kallikow, under whom all this pyramid-building commenced, owns billions of dollars worth of Manhattan real estate (not to mention a kickass Ferrari collection).

The construction of these gigantic edifice complexes are being run about as honestly and efficiently as you would expect, if you have spent any portion of your life living and working in and around Manhattan. If you haven’t, then you would more likely view the progress of these malignant fiscal tumors as complete and utterly criminal wastes of time, money, and resources on people and businesses who mostly do not even need it.

For example, The Second Avenue Subway project, in the planning and construction phases since the 1920’s, is way behind schedule, and way over budget;

In the project’s “Phase 1,” tracks start at 105th Street, run down Second Avenue and link with the F station at Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street; 96th, 86th and 72nd streets will have new stations.

No one really knows how much the line will cost – yet the MTA has already gone into occupation-army mode on Second Avenue, digging up five blocks below 96th Street. Stores have lost customers and are struggling to survive. Landlords and residents face eviction.

The MTA’s capital-budget summary (released in February) farcically underbudgets all that work at $4.34 billion. And it takes only common sense to appreciate what a pittance that is.

The MTA says it needs $1.1 billion for the Fulton project – not to lay an inch of track, buy new subway cars or build new stations, but just to rearrange underground platforms and build a pedestrian tunnel to Ground Zero. And in all likelihood, $1.1 billion won’t be enough, thanks to galloping building-trade inflation (as much as 5 percent, by some estimates).

By that light, it doesn’t take an engineer or an accountant to grasp that $4.34 billion for the Second Avenue Subway Phase 1 is a joke.

All of this means that because the MTA’s contribution must of necessity shrink, YOUR contribution will GROW.

I predict the all-up Federal taxpayer ‘contribution’ to the goal of easing the lives of people who wish to earn Lower Manhattan salaries while living in Harlem or suburbia will be upwards of $20 Billion by the time the projects are completed.

(photo from Weird Asia News, lead article from FARK, tip about the subway seat removal program c/o two ladies from Staten Island who I met on the airport bus in Seattle)


2 Responses to “NYC Subways- Uneconomic, Thieving, Corrupt, Welfare Program For The Rich”

  1. August 10, 2008 at 11:40 am

    Utter failure from inception to completion has never deterred a politician from holding up such a corrupt, socialist scheme as a benchmark for the rest of us to emulate. Your caption rings true.

  2. July 16, 2013 at 11:22 pm

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