Could Toxic Chemical Found By Mars Lander Be NASA Contamination?

Might As Well...

Might As Well...


Scientists puzzling over chemical found in Martian soil

* Story Highlights
* Lander finds perchlorate, an oxidant widely used in solid rocket fuel, in Mars’ soil
* Researchers checking whether chemical was carried to Mars from Earth
* Finding does not resolve question of whether life exists on Mars’ surface
* More data collection, analysis and review is needed, scientist says

(CNN) — Scientists working with NASA’s Phoenix Lander are reasonably sure they have detected a toxic chemical in the soil near the north pole of Mars.

But they say hearty strains of microbes might be able to live there anyway — and even thrive on it.

“This is an important piece of the puzzle as we attempt to determine whether habitable conditions exist for microbes on Mars,” said Phoenix principal investigator Peter Smith, of the University of Arizona. “In itself, it is neither good nor bad for life.”
The chemical, perchlorate, is an oxidant widely used in solid rocket fuel, but can also be naturally occuring on Earth. It is found in soil of Chile’s barren Atacama desert — generally believed to be one of the most lifeless places on Earth — but scientists have been able to isolate strains of bacteria living in that soil.

This story just goes to show that what these morons are doing isn’t science – it’s simply greed.

(photo from CompFused Blog)


1 Response to “Could Toxic Chemical Found By Mars Lander Be NASA Contamination?”

  1. August 6, 2008 at 6:47 am

    Greed? How can you say that! NASA is comprised of wonderful people driven by only purity and goodness. All they want is to expand the boundaries of man’s imagination…oh, and their own budget.

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