When Good Money Goes Bad

Just flipping through today’s local newspaper and noticed a disturbing trend of how gobs of unearned cash gravitating toward unaccountable entities attracts the criminals.

Questions surround grant in Clifton Heights

CLIFTON HEIGHTS – Residents and some council members questioned the transfer of $825,000 in grant money to the Clifton Heights Economic Corp., a nonprofit entity that council has no control over, at a recent council meeting.

“I don’t know how we authorized this corporation when we never got papers on this corporation,” said Councilman Mario Alpini. A listing for the corporation at nonprofit compendium Guidestar.org could not be found.

Police: Mother stole $74,000 from Avon Grove Little League

LONDON GROVE – State police arrested a Little League mom after she allegedly stole more than $70,000 raised through hot dog and candy sales, raffles and donations.

Fresh Start program raises questions in Yeadon

YEADON – Councilman Isaac Dotson received answers to questions he raised at the July 17 council meeting concerning Fresh Start Summer Camp, a popular new program serving 43 local teens under the direction of founder Leslie Lewis-McGirth.

Dotson specifically asked, “How many checks did the finance department issue on behalf of Fresh Start and how much money was spent to date?” And “who authorized Fresh Start employees to be placed on borough payroll?” Dotson also inquired about registration fees, employees, salaries and whether they’d received background checks. He also wanted to know if Lewis-McGirth used the borough’s tax-exempt number for grant applications, and “why the borough has not seen any funds, … cash or check?”

This is all from one weekend in one county. And last but certainly not least, the dead tree version of the same paper today reported on the executive director of National Night Out (a non-profit crime watch organization) is under fire for claiming  $300,000 in compensation from his $1.2 million budget most of which, as in the stories above, flows from us to him at the point of a gun. By the way, I’m also keeping an eye on the $500,000 check my own local youth club collected from the Commonwealth of PA to build a fieldhouse. The previously-privately-funded organization is quickly becoming a highly-protected fiefdom.


1 Response to “When Good Money Goes Bad”

  1. 1 libertyvini
    July 28, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Pathetic. The pace of these embezzlements and frauds is increasing as the economy goes nuts.

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