The Police-Facilitated Murder Of Rachel Hoffman

Rachel Hoffman, Criminal

Just Another Dead Criminal

It was one of those literally unbelievable moments that seem to be happening with increasing frequency – a tax-eating public servant defending his culpability by deception, incompetence, and negligence for the bloody murder of a young female under his control essentially by implying ‘she asked for it‘:

The Tallahassee police chief says Rachel was suspected of selling drugs and she was rightly treated as a criminal.

“That’s my job as a police chief to find these criminals in our community and take them off the street, to make the proper arrests,” Jones told 20/20.”

Rachel was in a drug court diversion program when she became an informant. Due to the manipulation of the chief of the Tallahassee PD, she is now a dead informant. Yet despite his manifest culpability for her death, here he is, on TV, defending his reprehensible action of putting this peaceful dope-smoker in the literal sights of two (allegedly, a term with which he disdains to describe the unconvicted Ms. Hoffman) known murdering animals;

“I’m calling her a criminal,” Tallahassee police chief Dennis Jones told 20/20, who maintains that both drug dealers and drug users are considered criminals to his department.

It was like watching a fictional crime drama, except this guy really is on the government payroll, saying this stuff like he believes it.

If Rachel Hoffman was a “criminal, then this guy is nothing but a murderer.


2 Responses to “The Police-Facilitated Murder Of Rachel Hoffman”

  1. July 29, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    No, he didn’t “make the proper arrests.” He appointed himself judge a jury, convicted her and sentenced her to death. If these thugs had killed one of his officers, he’d be singing a different tune as some lives are simply worth more than others in his eyes. Gee, I didn’t realize the War On Drugs was meant to provide expendable fodder for local police chiefs to use as they see fit.

  2. August 17, 2008 at 10:31 am

    all looters, bureaucrats, jackboots, and mercenaries should be repelled, destroyed, and eliminated…

    Individual Sovereign Human Beings as students and advocates of the Philosophically Mature Non-
    Aggression Principle, recognize and interact with each and every other Sovereign respecting Basic Inherent Inalienable Irrevocable Human Rights…

    naked, bloody, and dead…
    they all looked the same…

    What gave some the “authority” “jurisdiction” or “right” to oppress, subjugate, and threaten…the others…who were just repeating the famous Clint Eastwood quote “Everyone Leaves Everyone Else Alone”(www.theadvocates.org)…


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