Steps Toward A Voluntary Society

Fascinating, absolutely fascinating video by voluntarist Sam Dodson, who has the temerity to ask a judge a valid, legal question;

Try to restrain any impulse to think “this guy’s just dicking the court around”, and watch him ask fundamental questions about the charge against him, and the court’s proper role, and watch the officers of the court squirm under his polite, civil questioning.

We need many more like him;

For more entertaining legal viewing, watch Regent University Law professor James Duane demonstrate why you should never, ever talk to the police;

(Link to first video from Lew Rockwell’s blog; link to second video from skip at postal blowfish)


1 Response to “Steps Toward A Voluntary Society”

  1. 1 Joe Pulcinella
    July 19, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Excellent videos. Also, watch the follow-up to the second one where the cop gets his 20+ minutes to tell you how he gets you to spill your guts.

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