PA State Police Do Study; Think Tasers Would Be Fun

The PA State Police did an unscientific study and judged themselves to be worthy of tasers to keep the citizenry in line.


State police commissioner Jeffrey Miller (in file photo above) says his department studied the use of Tasers for two years before beginning a pilot program in 2006, which saw 18 troopers issued the non-lethal weapon.

Miller says that during the first six months of this year troopers have used their Tasers 144 times. He says there is no doubt that in some of those situations troopers would have had to use their batons or firearms to protect themselves or others.

So what would have been appropriate in the other 98% of those situations? Nothing? A stern voice? Turning the other cheek? How many involved traffic offenders simply being unfortunate enough to be pulled over by a cop with a chip on his shoulder? How many needed to be “taught a lesson” on how to respect authority?


1 Response to “PA State Police Do Study; Think Tasers Would Be Fun”

  1. 1 libertyvini
    July 18, 2008 at 12:26 am

    Can PA State Police Commissioner Miller answer these questions?;

    Is tasering someone cruel?

    Is it punishment?


    “Bail, Fines and Punishments
    Section 13.
    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel punishments inflicted.”

    I think the use of a taser, unless in extreme circumstances of peril to life and limb, fails to pass these two tests IN THE PA STATE CONSTITUTION.

    How do you, sir, enjoy spreading utter despotism?

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