Music: Personal Judas / Are We Brothers?

From the aptly-enough named Staten Island natives Happy Anarchy comes our first example of betrayal as muse; On “Personal Judas”, sounding alternately like Lloyd Cole, The Cult, and The Tubes, this wry, angry song had me pressing rewind to enjoy it’s crunchy late-70’s vibey goodness. Listen, and disregard the critic’s bias toward -archy;

“Cause you’re lonely, cause you’re poor

Cause they sent you off to war…

Dirty fingers ain’t gonna clean up this mess that we fell in
And you’ve got those stains smeared all over your face
Clean shirt. sucker
I ain’t the one so let’s go find another to pick up the pieces
You’ve lost your red letter, now don’t you feel better?
Cause we all need someone to blame”

Next up – Paper Rival‘s “Are We Brothers?” has both lyrical and instrumental outrage aplenty, but counterpointed by sweet harmonies and again, That 70’s Vibe, go listen;

“Our bones in the earth
feathers in the urn
How did we separate ourselves?

The bones in the earth
feathers in the urn
Why did we separate ourselves like this?

Do we share the same blood?
Do we wear the same cloth?
Is it all getting lost?
Are we brothers or not?”


1 Response to “Music: Personal Judas / Are We Brothers?”

  1. July 9, 2008 at 9:22 am

    Why should I disregard their bias toward anarchy? :o)

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