PA Legislator Vitali Puts Guts On Back Burner, Supports Economic Fascism

I don’t often stick up for a politician but I had all the respect in the world for PA House member Greg Vitali when he exposed and fought in court the heinous Act 44 of 2005 which lavished pay raises on legislators and judges in the middle of the night.

But poor Greg, once a beacon of truth and justice in the eyes of taxpayers here in PA has finally caught his stride and has put political expediency before virtue.


Vitali, who sits on the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, has taken the mantle on environmental issues in the state House and has easily been the biggest proponent for legislation on climate change.

“Climate change is the most serious environmental problem facing the planet,” he said. “Right now, the state … is in the process of enacting measures which will result in greenhouse-gas reduction, but we’re not doing it in sort of a systematic fashion. We haven’t set goals and we’re not working toward pre-set goals in a planned-out fashion, and I think that’s what we’re trying to accomplish here, and that’s really what the bill is doing … This piece of legislation really provides a planning mechanism.”

The bill – the first of its kind to pass on the state level – will allow businesses and industries to track their emissions voluntarily through a registry, require an annual inventory of the sources and amounts of global-warming pollution from business, agriculture and residences, and create a 21-member stakeholder group to draft a report from that inventory for use by the Department of Environmental Protection and Legislature to develop a state plan on greenhouse-gas reduction.

Besides being a little late to the game (the religion of global warming is starting to implode), this is so wrong on so many levels. The most apparent stems from the overuse of the word “plan” reminiscent of the failed Soviet Union. The next is the word “voluntarily” as in “we voluntarily submit tax returns each year.” We all know what happen with voluntary programs. The scariest is the talk of the “21-member stakeholder group.” Something tells me I will never be invited to be part of this group. But like every other government-business partnership, the end result will be New Deal-type protectionism.


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