When Anti-Gun Rhetoric Fails, Try Class Warfare

Or so goes the reasoning of Karen Heller at The Inky:

Aaron McKie grew up in Olney, went to Gratz High, graduated from Temple, and was a valued guard for the 76ers, named NBA sixth man of the year for the 2000-01 season.

On Monday, he was arrested after allegedly lying in the purchase of two handguns, a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson and a 9mm Ruger.

“Unfortunately, Philadelphia’s become a pretty dangerous place,” his attorney Brian McMonagle said, “and for athletes like himself, there’s certainly no good reason for them not to try to protect their families and themselves.”

McKie no longer lives in Philadelphia. He resides in a $1.8 million, 7,417-square-foot French colonial with five bedrooms and 61/2 baths in the bucolic burg of Narberth. So danger is less likely to come from thugs than from deer.

Karen, the whole debacle stemmed from the sham that is gun control. The man shouldn’t have to justify owning a gun (or his mansion)  to you or anyone else.


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