Do We Need a Megan’s Law for Politicians?

A while back I knew a girl who worked a summer off from college as a White House page in the Clinton administration. As she told us her stories, she would hint of the personality quirks of those she was supposed to be serving. It was then I wondered if parents knew what they were sending their kids into as they proudly shipped them off to Washington. Apparently, I was right.

CNN apologized today for getting on-air analysis of Gov. Spitzer’s legal options from a former U.S. Attorney who resigned after being accused of biting a stripper.

Washington is an oozing sore of depravity. If the US government wasn’t the biggest bunch of perverts in the country, then why do so many prostitutes take up residence there? With this said, would you still trust your kids to these degenerates?

Reported by Boing Boing.


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