A Victimless Crime…Until the Government Steps In

She never harmed anyone by supplying willing female companions to willing clients. But the feds force her to commit suicide anyway.

[Deborah] Palfrey, 52, was free while awaiting sentencing June 25 on federal racketeering charges. A federal jury convicted her April 15 of running a Washington area call-girl ring in the guise of “a high-end erotic fantasy service,” rejecting her argument that she was unaware for 13 years that female escorts she employed were performing sex acts with clients for money.

Writers Dan Moldea, who interviewed Palfrey several times for a possible book about her experiences, said today that Palfrey told him three times that she would kill herself rather than return to prison. She had served an 18-month term in California in the early 1990s for running a prostitution service and told Moldea that it was “just a horrible, horrible period for her,” the writer said.

So, by providing a win-win transaction for money, she’s forced to be a prom date for murders in prison. It’s just a shame that her scumbag, inside-the-beltway clientele don’t feel quite so compelled to take the easy (only?) way out as did Deborah. I guess now the feds can claim that prostitution does indeed claim victims.


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